9 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier 2022

9 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier 2022
9 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier 2022 (Image: © Airpurifier Picker)

Living in a small space or having children that you do not desire to get hurt by sticking their hand in the air purifier? Well, then you can forget each air purifier available on the market and choose the wall-mounted air purifier as it’s ideal for you. Researchers, after years of research, have discovered that air quality inside the home or apartment is ten times worse than outside.

If you live in a small house or a huge apartment where there’s no good ventilation getting the top wall-mounted, an air purifier is vital for you as it takes little to no space and functions incredibly. A wall-mounted air purifier can really improve the air quality in the office or home dramatically; after installing the air purifier, you’ll feel the change within one to two hours.

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Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick 1. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier RabbitAir MinusA2

Amazing design

Automatic sleep mode

HEPA filter

Most Popular 2. Airfree FIT800 Airfree FIT800


Ozone free

Energy efficient

Budget Pick 3. Medify MA-35 Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter Medify MA-35 Air Purifier

Medical-grade H13 filter

Child lock

Modern and sleek design

Who Should Contemplate Wall Mounted Air Purifiers?

  • Parents that do not desire their sweet children to stick their hands in the air purifier.
  • Those with a smart and small space that desire to get an air purifier that would not take much space ought to contemplate the wall-mounted air purifier certainly.
  • Couples that want to give their home a designer and premium look.
  • Pet owners ought to certainly contemplate the wall-mounted air purifiers as dogs and cats would not be capable of reaching them.

How Does The Wall-Mounted Air Purifier Work?

It functions the same as the other air purifiers. There’s just one disparity; other air purifiers are put on the floor, and the wall-mounted air purifier is fixed or hung on the ceiling or wall. Both air purifiers have similar filters and almost the same features.

Why’s It Good To Have A Wall-mounted Air Purifier?

A wall-mounted air purifier is great to have as it’s fixed to the ceiling or wall. That’s why it provides better performance, and more area coverage is very effective against smell and odor, and much more. If you put it in the middle of the home, it’ll provide you with better results as it’s created to cover a 360-degree area. We recommend that you put it in a place where you sit the most.

Wall Mounted Air Purifier Comparison:

Award Image Model Price
This particular wall mountable air purifier has five types of filters 1. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier RabbitAir MinusA2 See On Amazon
Made in Europe and totally soundless 2. Airfree FIT800 Airfree FIT800 See On Amazon
Medify MA-35 is a great wall-mounted air purifier available on the market 3. Medify MA-35 Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter Medify MA-35 Air Purifier See On Amazon
Air Purifiers for Home, Office and Bedrooms 4. Webetop Air Purifier: Webetop Air Purifier See On Amazon
Real-time air monitor 5. LNLN Air Purifier Wall Mounted LNLN Air Purifier See On Amazon
Auto Mode for Bedroom to Capture 99.97% Dust 6. MISSUE HEPA Air Purifier: MISSUE Air Purifier for Home Large Room See On Amazon
for Allergies Mold Smoke Dust Removal in XL Office Spaces and Lobbies 7. BLUEAIR Pro Air Purifier White BLUEAIR Pro See On Amazon
Ceiling mounted air purifier with Smoke/Odor Filters 8. Purifan Ceiling Mount Air Purifier: Purifan Ceiling Mount See On Amazon
Small Room Wall Air Sanitizer 9. GermGuardian GG1100W Elite: Pluggable Small Air Purifier See On Amazon

What Should You Consider While Buying A Wall Mounted Air Purifier?

While purchasing a wall-mounted air purifier, you should consider the following things:


Locating and selecting the air purifier that matches the overall look of your apartment isn’t that simple. After spending a lot of cash on the air purifier, you do not desire it to look like it does not belong on the wall, right? The air purifiers are accessible in different colors and sizes, so we recommend you choose the one that’s best at cleaning the air and will also look great on the wall.

For that, we recommend you print out an image of the air purifier that you’re really interested in and glue it to the wall and see if that looks good. I know it does not sound very practical, but trying does not harm anybody.

Area Coverage:

Area coverage is the most significant and primary thing that you ought to remember before purchasing a wall-mounted air purifier. The majority of the wall mountable air purifiers are designed for a huge space, and that is fine for you; if you make use of such air purifiers in a small space, they’ll even work even better and really fast. The air purifiers with broad area coverage are frequently quite expensive, so we recommend purchasing big wall air purifiers just for big houses or offices.

Product Dimensions:

Measure the wall first before purchasing the wall-mounted air purifier, as that’s the spot where you’re gonad place it. Do not purchase a big air purifier if you do not have a big wall. Yes, huge wall mountable air purifiers need huge walls, so take that into account too. We’ve given each product dimension above; take a measuring tape and measure if you have sufficient space for putting that air purifier.


It’d be great if you did not purchase the air purifier that just sounds like cleaning the air. We desire you to purchase an air purifier that really cleans the air. So before purchasing the air purifier, you have to check these filters.

9 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier 2022 At a Glance:

Top 9 Wall Mounted Air Purifiers:

1. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (Image credit: Amazon)

1. RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

This particular wall mountable air purifier has five types of filters


Weight: 23.25 pounds | Dimensions: 10.00 x 24.00 x 22.40 | Area Coverage: 700 square feet


Amazing design

Automatic sleep mode

HEPA filter


Ozone safe, CARB certified

Ozone safe, CARB certified


The air intake is small

Cost is high

Searching for the best protection (against germs), there’s no crime. Rabbit air minus is definitely the top wall mountable air purifier available on the market. This product is packed with the most recent technologies and filters with a completely functional advanced controlling system.

RabbitAir is one of the most reliable manufacturers out there, well-known for its top-quality air purifiers and quality filters. It’s equipped with a five-stage filtration system. The high-quality filters come integrated with each RabbitAir purifier.

This particular wall mountable air purifier has five types of filters. The first filter is the pre-filter which is just like the filters in the AC. You can take it out and clean it whenever you desire. The second one is the medium filter that traps all the big particles.

The third one is the Bios HEPA filter which is completely able to trap particles up to 99.97 percent as small as 0.03 microns. The 4th filter is the customized filter by RabbitAir, which traps mold and other malicious stuff.

The fifth and final one is the Charcoal activated filter which gets rid of any unpleasant odor from the house. Control capable negative Ion generator is installed as you can switch it on when required. As the wall-mounted air purifiers aren’t simply reachable, you can’t control them by clicking on them; for this issue, RabbitAir has provided minusA2 Wi-Fi control for controlling it simply.

Control is simple and clear. You can simply see what is happening in the front panel. Other things on the front panel are an air quality indicator, Fan speed, Odor sensor, Mood Light, and a lot more.

Filter Replacement:

Filter replacement is needed after every ten to twelve months and can be done simply at home. You simply need to open its front panel, and you’re good to go.

2. Airfree FIT800 (Image credit: Amazon)

2. Airfree FIT800

Made in Europe and totally soundless


Weight: 1 Pound | Product Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 6 inches | Area Coverage: 172 square feet (Top variant)



Ozone free

Energy efficient

No filter change is required

Wall mountable


Low area coverage

At times small things can provide a lot if they’re designed and utilized right. We’ve chosen AirFree Fit because it is one of the most comfortable and lightest handle the wall-mounted air purifiers to date. It’s very affordable and cheap, and we recommend it for small apartments and for those that live alone and do not have a lot of gatherings.

There are no filters in Airfree Fit800 as it makes use of exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology that basically cleans the air as we boil the water. It makes use of heat for purifying the air. According to the manufacturer, the patented thermodynamic technology is completely able to kill viruses, bacteria, mildew, mold, and a lot more.

Made in Europe and totally soundless, yes, you noticed Airfree makes no sound at all. As it’s a Filterless wall-mounted air purifier, it does not generate any Ozone or UV. Negative ions are great for those with allergies or having sensitive pets. It’s very energy efficient so that electricity would not cost you much.

There are not a lot of advanced features, but we can tell you that you would not regret purchasing it as it’s durable and cheap. To install it, you do not need to put many things together. Simply take it out of the packaging and attach it to the wall.

Filter Replacement:

There’s no filter, so it denotes no filter to change. Simply make certain to keep it away from your children as it reaches the temp of four hundred degrees inside.

3. Medify MA-35 Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Medify MA-35 Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter

Medify MA-35 is a great wall-mounted air purifier available on the market


Product Dimensions: 25.7×6.9×19.7 inches | Area Coverage: 640 square feet | Weight: 18.41 Pounds


Medical-grade H13 filter

Child lock

Modern and sleek design

Touchpad control




The issue with the majority of wall-mounted air purifiers is that none of them is great enough for the entire home. Frequently, any wall-mounted air purifier is efficient for a single small space. But what about the ones who desire one air purifier for the entire family?

Fear not because Medify MA-35 is a great wall-mounted air purifier available on the market. This air purifier has the medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, which is even more helpful than the typical filters available.

For example, the normal HEPA can clear ninety-nine percent of the particles, but the H13 HEPA clears 99.99 percent of 0.3-micron particles from the air successfully. Besides HEPA, this device also comprises an AOC or activated carbon filter. This filter is helpful against odor, smoke, and other VOCs in the air.

Medify has absolutely set new standards for the wall-mounted air purifier with the MA-35 device. No other air purifier in this cost range provides such stylish modern design and durability. Furthermore, it even has an integrated filter replacement indicator and air quality sensor for ensuring fresh and crisp air all the time.

Filter Replacement:

The filter replacement indicator will inform you as soon as it’s time to replace its filter. It’s a simple task if you have the correct tools. You ought to just make use of the Medify Air MA-35R replacement filter.

4. Webetop Air Purifier: (Image credit: Amazon)

4. Webetop Air Purifier:

Air Purifiers for Home, Office and Bedrooms


Six stage filtration system

Smart sensor

Wireless remote control

LCD display

Four fan speeds


Best for smell removal


It doesn’t have additional filters

At times filter issues

This product provides protection for your whole family. Sounds good, right? Well, webetop has created this air purifier after keeping this line in their mind as you can mount the webetop air purifier on your wall and simply place it down.

The filtration system isn’t out-of-date or old. It’s equipped with all the essential filters and new technologies. Although it creates some Ozone in an extremely trace amount that’s not damaging to human health, HESA Filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, and pre-filter work as a shield against any small to large particles.

Webetop air purifier is entirely able to trap small particles as small as 0.03 microns. It can also filter out PM 2.5 particles [PM 2.5 denotes particles of 2.5-micrometer diameter or even smaller]. The activated carbon filter is also included and is able to get rid of any unpleasant odor or smell.

It can work the entire night quietly and can also switch off automatically. It has a remote control so that you can simply control it from your bed. Smart sensor monitors display the humidity level and room temp on the LCD screen. With a four-speed fan, you can easily adjust the fan speed according to your preference.

Filter Replacement:

Webetop makes use of the replacement filters from Medify. Therefore, their filters are extremely efficient and last for four to five months. Therefore, you ought to just make use of the Medify MA-40 Genuine Replacement Filter.

5. LNLN Air Purifier Wall Mounted (Image credit: Amazon)

5. LNLN Air Purifier Wall Mounted

Real-time air monitor


Weight: Not given | Product Dimensions: Not given | Area Coverage: 250-300 square feet (Top variant)


Touch panel

Low power consumption

4 stage filtration system

Air quality indicator

High-quality material


Not suggested for huge spaces

Because of the limited choices out there, it’s difficult to locate a wall-mounted air purifier that meets the requirements and standards. The search for the top wall-mounted air purifier LNLN air purifier name always comes in the top five because of the new feature included by the manufacturer.

Most noteworthy features comprise a four-stage filtration system that we do not frequently see in a wall-mounted air purifier. Not only does it have HEPA, an activated carbon filter that gets rid of ninety-nine percent of dangerous pathogens from the air, but it also comes with an Aroma box; just put in aroma bars [flowers, wax, etc.] and enjoy an aromatic and fresh atmosphere.

The real-time air monitor interacts with the users and shows air quality, and adjusts fan speed accordingly. It can be put anywhere in the space and controlled with the neat touch panel given, but the great way is to hang it on your wall and control it with the remote. 360-degree air intake with a low noise level offers quality air while producing little to no noise.

6. MISSUE HEPA Air Purifier: (Image credit: Amazon)

6. MISSUE HEPA Air Purifier:

Auto Mode for Bedroom to Capture 99.97% Dust


Area Coverage: 300 square feet | Weight: 6.03 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 13 x 4.7 x 11.5 inches


Seven-stage filtration

Anion and Catalyst filter

Sleep mode

Numerous diverse filters

Desktop and wall-mount


The device runs at the max speed only first ten minutes

The majority of modern houses are shifting towards the smart lifestyle, a house where you can turn the light on/off or lock your doors with a mere voice command. The air purifiers of such houses also have to be intelligent. The MISSUE air purifier is designed precisely for such households.

It is one of the few devices in the world to provide Nano, HEPA, Anion, and Catalyst filters in a single machine. It’s a wall-mounted air purifier with specs that will definitely blow your mind. It provides advanced seven-stage air filtration for keeping out mold, dust, bacteria, germs, and even 2.5 PM particles out of the home.

It even provides the auto-mode that functions the same way as the plane’s autopilot. This unit has an air quality sensor. This sensor continually monitors the pollution level inside your space and adjusts the fan speed of the purifier accordingly. Still not impressed? There is more! The air purifier is remote-controlled. You can easily control its different functions from your bed. You can also enjoy the air purifier’s silent night mode to ensure an undisturbed sleep. Other features comprise a refillable aroma dispenser that you can set for diffusing the scented air in the space automatically.

Filter Replacement:

You can simply replace the old filter with the new one utilizing the Phillips screwdriver. Every filter replacement lasts for four to five months. It’d be best only to make use of the H13 Replacement Filter for MISSUE J022-U+V.

7. BLUEAIR Pro Air Purifier White (Image credit: Amazon)

7. BLUEAIR Pro Air Purifier White

for Allergies Mold Smoke Dust Removal in XL Office Spaces and Lobbies


Weight: The base variant is 26 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10 x 20 x 17 inches (base variant) | Area Coverage: 1180 square feet (Top variant)


Smart sensor

Five years of warranty

Low power consumption

Excellent Area coverage

Five years of warranty

New and modern design


Complain about ionizer

Cost is high

There are not lots of walls mounted air purifiers available. We chose Blueair pro as it’s packed with world-class air filters and the most recent technologies. Large spaces such as studios and offices also require a good air filtration system, but the majority of offices do not have space for large air purifiers. Don’t worry.

You can simply purchase Blueair pro and append a wall mount stand in the extras, and you’re good to go. There are three sizes accessible. We recommend you to choose the one ideal for you. Blueair has entered a combo of advanced filters and an encapsulated particle charging chamber that provides cleaner air in less time than the other air cleaning systems.

It has a True HEPA filter which isn’t an ordinary one but is equipped with the HEPA silent technology, which not just traps 99.97 percent of particles but also does not make much noise, and honestly, after spending a lot of cash, you do not desire the office or home to be noisy. Blueair pro can trap smoke, pet dander, and mildew and even filter bad smells and odors. The advanced features include pm 2.5 senses the air quality in the space, auto fan speed control, and adjusts fan speed as required.

Pro and pro xl are huge air purifiers, and nobody expects low noise when they’re running at maximum speed, but thanks to the HEPA silent technology, this device creates as low noise as a sleeping baby.

If you make use of this machine in the workplace, it will not make a dent in the pocket as it runs on a low voltage. If you run it throughout the office hours, let’s say a day for eight hours, the electricity will just cost you sixty to sixty-five dollars annually.

Filter Replacement:

You do not need to guess when to change its filter. Blueair has installed the filter replacement LED indicator in this device, so when the light goes off, it is time to change its filter. It is effortless to change the filter.

8. Purifan Ceiling Mount Air Purifier: (Image credit: Amazon)

8. Purifan Ceiling Mount Air Purifier:

Ceiling mounted air purifier with Smoke/Odor Filters


Weight: 12 pounds | Product Dimensions: 30 x 6 x 30 inches


Great for large rooms

Adjusts air according to the room temp

Five in one filtration system

Best for odor and dreadful smells

360-degree air intake


High cost

Ceiling mounted air purifier is what you’re searching for? Then purifan air purifier is for you as it’s intended to be fixed with the home ceiling and can work as the standard air purifier, perhaps better at times as it comes with a 360-degree air intake.

The wall-mountable isn’t the only thing you may desire when purchasing a puritan air purifier. It’s also awesome at cleaning the air as it has a five-stage filtration system that traps harmful pathogens and saves you from smelling the dreadful smells in the home.

Comparatively cost-effective and can be utilized both for commercial and residential purposes. It is reasonably priced and simple to change filters. If you’re utilizing it in the home, there’s no need to change its filter for more than a year, but if you’re utilizing it for commercial purposes, you ought to change its filter every six to seven months.

It offers ceiling fan advantages along with clean and fresh air. It also offers warm air to your house floor in winter and cool chill air in the summer season. After all that, you’d think that it’ll make a dent in the pocket when the electric bill arrives; well, here’s a shock for you, after all that, you’d rarely see a disparity in the electric bill.

9. GermGuardian GG1100W Elite: (Image credit: Amazon)

9. GermGuardian GG1100W Elite:

Small Room Wall Air Sanitizer


Weight: 0.75 Pounds | Area Coverage: 200 square feet | Product Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.5 x 6.75 inches


Simple to install

Cheap filter replacement

Durable and simple to use

Effective against odor and germs

Compact design


It does not trap solid particles like pet hair, mold, and dust.

Are you searching for a reasonably priced air purifier? GermGuardian is the great portable UV-bulb purifier that you can find. This device is appropriate for spaces with AC. It’s because the AC has integrated filters for getting rid of particulate matter such as hair and dust.

Therefore, you do not have to spend cash on another machine that offers the same function. However, airborne viruses, bacteria, and germs spread extremely fast in the AC room. The confined space with closed windows and doors offers great spreading and breeding grounds to such microscopic organisms.

In this situation, you require an air purifier that gets rid of the germs and eliminates smell but does not affect the budget. GermGuardian GG1100W is the ideal wall-mounted air purifier for such a situation.

It has a heavy-duty UV bulb that lasts for numerous years. The ultraviolet light from the bulb obliterates the DNA of germs and other organisms. Consequently, they’re converted to unstable negative and positive ions and crumble in the air without leaving any trace.

Another amazing thing about this budget device is that it stays within the budget throughout its lifespan. For example, other air purifiers are heavy on the energy bill and also need constant filter replacement.

However, this machine is one-of-a-kind. It uses very little electricity even at full performance. Furthermore, the lifespan of the UV bulb is six months as a minimum, so you’re free from that expense as well.

Filter Replacement:

GG1100W does not comprise HEPA or other mechanical filters. The only filter replacement you require is the GermGuardian LB1000 Genuine UV-C Replacement Bulb each six to nine months.


How Can You Install A Wall Mounted Air Purifier In 3 Simple Steps?

Unbox whichever air purifier you purchased to take off all the foam and plastic raping. Open your air purifier front panel. All its filters will be in the plastic wrapping; take off such plastic wrapping and put the filters back inside.

Choose A Wall:

Choose a wall where you desire to place the air purifier but make certain there are more than eight inches of space left from all sides (top, right, left, bottom). That’s an extremely significant step as if you do not leave the vacant space; the air purifier would not work as it ought to as there’s no space for it to suck all the filthy air inside. The majority of air purifiers have a remote control, but if yours does not have one, make certain to put it where the hand can reach.

Taking A Level And Putting A Wall Mount Bracket:

After choosing which wall you desire to place the air purifier on, the next step is taking the level and cautiously marking where you’ll like the wall mount bracket. Secure the wall mount bracket carefully to the wall and drill a few holes. Make certain you do not mess up the level as if your air purifier isn’t centered; there’s a possibility it may fall off.

Wall Mounting The Air Purifier:

After fixing your wall mount bracket to your wall, the next step is to prepare the air purifier. For that, simply take off the air purifier’s base (if it has one, the majority of air purifiers do). Do not forget to put the base somewhere safe as it can be utilized in the future. The next step is easy and most significant. Please pick up your air purifier gently and put it down on the bracket. Make certain it is steady and does not move.

That is all!

Selecting the air purifier is simple, but selecting the top air purifier for yourself and the family can get a little difficult. That’s why we’ve written a well-researched guide on how you can pick an air purifier. From the primary HEPA filter to allergies, we’ve comprised everything. Make certain you read that too.


The air purifier is a must-have in 2022 as pollution levels are rising tremendously fast. After reading this guide, we hope you’re capable of deciding what air purifier to purchase. If you’re still confused, we recommend you to get the RabbitAir MinusA2 as it has a lot of features, and the most significant thing is you can make use of it as a normal air purifier and as a wall-mounted air purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Have The Air Purifier In Each Room?

The number of air purifiers relies on the covered area of your home and your air purifier’s area coverage. For example, a single Medify MA-35 is more than enough to cover the entire house.

Do Air Purifiers Eliminate Coronavirus?

According to WHO, having an air purifier in any confined room makes a difference against Covid-19. However, no air purifier is able to kill the virus; you can still reduce the spread of the virus by utilizing the air purifier.

Are Wall-mounted Air Purifiers More Expensive?

No, the wall-mounted air purifiers are less powerful than the desktop. Therefore, they are less costly and use less electricity.

What’s The Best Location To Place Your Wall-mount Air Purifier?

If you have a high-end air purifier with a big coverage area, you ought to place it on the wall in your lounge. In the case of budget machines, it’s great to have a separate air purifier for each room.

Which Air Purifier Should I Get For A Toddler?

Toddlers are creative human beings, and they play with all they see. Therefore, it’s great to get a wall-mounted air purifier with a child lock if you have a toddler in your home.