5 Best Air Purifiers For Litter Box Smell In 2022

5 Best Air Purifiers For Litter Box Smell In 2022
5 Best Air Purifiers For Litter Box Smell In 2022 (Image: © Airpurifier Picker)

Pets are always the closer ones. A pet can undeniably be lovely and cute, but the litter smell can be really aggravating and stinky at the end of the day. Cat litter smells are particularly fast to spread and soar in the air for a long time.

Well, it does not mean you can’t have cats. You certainly can with the best air purifier for litter box smell. Now, the question is, do air purifiers function for pet smell? Clearly, they do. The air purifier will allow you to enjoy lovely surroundings with the cat by getting rid of the bad odor.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick 1. SilverOnyx: SilverOnyx

Quiet Operation

The aesthetic design looks attractive and futuristic

Five-stage filtration provides thorough protection


Quiet Operation

Five filtration stages

Two year warranty period

Budget Pick 3. Winix 5500-2: Winix 5500-2

Four-stage filtration permits great protection

Automatic fan speed regulation according to contamination levels

Detects pollutants automatically

But the market would not allow you to choose the correct purifier as it provides you with vast choices. To resolve the dilemma, I have chosen the top 5 best air purifier for litter box smell, fixing the odor difficulty in a sip. Well, read on to locate the appropriate one for you.

There are diverse types of air purifiers available that assist in fixing diverse air quality problems. The top air purifier for litter box stink ought to have a HEPA filter to handle the litter box dust, pet hair, and pet dander. A deodorization filter is also a necessity for advanced smell control. Not all air purifiers are great for pet owners. Getting the incorrect one can add to the issuer, and we comprehend that making the ultimate selection can be nothing short of trying.

This article will assist you in making a knowledgeable decision as we have brought in all the important data you will require for selecting the correct purifier. So, whether you own a dog or a cat, this list of our picks for the top air purifier for litter box stink is all you will require.

5 Best Air Purifier For The Litter Box Odor:

Are you in a hurry? This table will make everything simpler for you, or if you really desire to comprehend how you can combat that litter smell among other household smells, read the thorough review given below.

Product CADR Coverage Filtration Stages
Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier 240 cfm 360 sq. ft. 4
SilverOnyx 83 cfm 150 sq. ft. 2
GermGuardian True 115 cfm 180 sq. ft. 4
HATHASPACE HSP001 100 cfm 700 sq. ft. 2
Pure Enrichment PureZone 80 cfm 150 sq. ft. 2

Why Do Pet Litter Boxes Smell?

There are decomposers all over the place, and that can be the main cause of the cat litter smell around the house. Pet litter smells can get trapped in the litter dust, and the odor will remain even if you get rid of the stool from the box.

A few individuals believe pets love this dust, and it strengthens their behavior of utilizing the litter box. According to research and in contradiction to the popular opinion, litter box smell can really make a litter box unappealing for cats. As domesticated pets frequently behave similarly, it can be the cause for the unanticipated littering behavior of the pet.

Protein breakdown directs to odorant particles, and human sweat is also an example. Pet litter box odor also has a similar source as bacteria act on the protein in the litter and create smell molecules. The top purifiers for a litter box or cat litter odors can simply handle such particles, but knowing the cause behind the odor can also assist. The smell can get worse because of:

  • Litter Box Damage: Grooves and scratches in the pet litter box plastic denote litter particles that can deposit into such imperfections and direct to litter odors.
  • Pet urine is also rich in protein and can direct to persistent pet litter box odors.
  • High Protein Pet Foods: Pet foods that are meat-rich and are high protein foods denote bacteria will putrefy more protein-rich stool for releasing foul odors.

Gaseous contaminants that cause litter smells can also direct to allergic reactions and can break out terrible allergies, according to different studies. The air purifier for pet allergies is a great option against allergies, but just a purifier with carbon filters will be capable of handling the smells.

How To Prevent Pet Litter Box From Smelling?

Maintaining the pet litter box and cleaning it frequently provides great protection against microorganisms and can rid the air of smells. The air purifier with a highly developed carbon filter will handle any smells that remain after the maintenance. Here’re a few steps that can assist you in preventing the pet litter box from smelling:

  • Empty out the pet litter box two times a day.
  • Make use of the pet-friendly litter deodorizer.
  • Make use of synthetic litter that can absorb and retain bad smells.
  • Wash pet litter boxes once a week as a minimum.
  • Put the box in a well-ventilated spot.
  • Replace pet litter boxes at least once every six months.
  • Make use of the activated carbon bags under the pet litter dust for effectual smell absorption.

You can make use of a few or all of such instructions to reduce bad smells. But as cats are used to spraying everywhere, investing in an air purifier for cat smell or litter box odor is a great choice.

Do Air Purifiers Assist With The Pet Litter Box Odor?

Yes, air purifiers can successfully get rid of the pet litter box odors while also dealing with pet smells. The air purifiers with the dedicated activated carbon filter or the activated carbon pre-filter provide advanced smell control thanks to their capability to absorb smell molecules.

The air purifiers are not simply effective against litter smells; such nifty devices can filter out harmful VOCs, cooking fumes, pet dander, airborne allergens, and other dangerous airborne particles that unfavorably affect the indoor air quality.

Purifiers frequently make use of the pre-filter for handling the bigger particles before passing the air onto the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filter), which can then filter particles down to the size of 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency.

Such processes get rid of all particulate matter such as dust mites, pet hair, litter dust, and pet dander, but the real smell filtration is made possible using carbon filters. A few brands make use of the carbon pre-filter, while others make use of the carbon pallets or even the activated carbon cylinders for higher air purification competence. The air purifiers bring a successful solution to all the smell issues.

Be it cat odors, cooking smells, or litter box odors, a powerful air purifier will assist in handling foul smells and will assist in achieving fresh-smelling air. Choosing the correct type of air purifier can be a little difficult, so we have prepared a list of the 5 best air purifier for litter box smell in 2022 available in the market. The article will assist you in comprehending what every air cleaner brings to the table.

What Else Does The Air Purifier Eliminate From The Air?

Put simply; the air purifier gets rid of everything from the air that is not air. It comprises:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Dust mites

5 Best Air Purifiers For Litter Box Smell In 2022 Summary

Award Image Model Price
for Allergies and Pets 1. SilverOnyx: SilverOnyx See On Amazon
for Home, Bedroom, with True HEPA Air Filter for Allergens, Pets, Smoke 2. HATHASPACE HSP001: HATHASPACE HSP001 See On Amazon
Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing 3. Winix 5500-2: Winix 5500-2 See On Amazon
Air Purifier for Home and Pets, Full Rooms, UV-C Sanitizer, Filters Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Dander, Odor 4. GermGuardian True: GermGuardian True See On Amazon
Medium-Large Room Air Purifier, Helps Reduce Bacteria, Smoke, Germs, Pollen, Dust, Odors, Allergens, Mold, & Pet Hair 5. Pure Enrichment PureZone: Pure Enrichment PureZone See On Amazon

5 Best Air Purifiers For Litter Box Smell In 2022 At a Glance:

Best Air Purifier For Litter Box Odor:

1. SilverOnyx: (Image credit: Amazon)

1. SilverOnyx:

for Allergies and Pets


Quiet Operation

The aesthetic design looks attractive and futuristic

Five-stage filtration provides thorough protection


Limited space coverage

The SilverOnyx Air Purifier comes with numerous technologies for providing 99.97 percent clean air. It is equipped with a five-stage filtration system and comes with a True HEPA filter to capture the smallest of particles up to 0.3 microns.

Also, the air filter is outfitted with a carbon filter to eliminate pet litter smell, an ionizer, and a UV sanitizer for sanitizing the air. Besides, the SilverOnyx Air Purifier efficiently serves up to 500 square feet.

It is a great companion for a house with pets because of the smart settings. The air purifier adjusts the fan automatically, relying on air quality, and shows on the LED display. Finally, the compact design also makes it a great travel appliance.

2. HATHASPACE HSP001: (Image credit: Amazon)


for Home, Bedroom, with True HEPA Air Filter for Allergens, Pets, Smoke


Quiet Operation

Five filtration stages

Two year warranty period


Loud at high fan speeds

HATHASPACE HSP001 is a great air purifier for smells as it comes with five-stage filtration that can handle diverse kinds of air pollutants efficiently. If you desire uncompromised elimination of foul smells and odors, then the HSP001 is just the correct thing for you and does so with the least noise.

The five-stage filtration is mainly competent against smells from pet litter boxes thanks to the addition of the Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter by Hathaspace. The filter can absorb all gaseous contaminants comprising spray odors, hazardous chemical fumes, and VOCs.

The additional filtration stages also make it an awesome all-rounder for VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pet dander, pet hair, smoke particles, mold, and other common airborne contaminants in spaces up to seven hundred square feet. It’s based on an estimated two air changes per hour.

The defense against smells and particulate matter starts with the cold catalyst pre-filter. This filter gets rid of big-sized particles before passing the air onto the cellular-activated carbon filter, where the adsorption procedure happens. The other side of the pre-filter has an antibacterial filter that’s mainly effective against microbes.

True HEPA filter then gets rid of remaining particles comprising tiny particles down to the size of 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency. The Ionizer utilizes the air scrubbing abilities of the purifier for negatively charging particles to make them heavy. It uses filtration to take care of all smell-causing particles and smells arising from the pet litter box.

3. Winix 5500-2: (Image credit: Amazon)

3. Winix 5500-2:

Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing


Four-stage filtration permits great protection

Automatic fan speed regulation according to contamination levels

Detects pollutants automatically


Can release traces of ozone

Winix is one of the top air purifier manufacturers available in the United States, and the 5500-2 is an outstanding air purifier for litter box smells. The purifier has a combination of reliable necessities and smart features that will guarantee you are never greeted by smells.

The 5500-2 has four-stage filtration that boasts 99.97 percent effectiveness against airborne pollutants down to the size of 0.3 microns. While the purifier is huge, Winix has given it a conventional rating and says that it’s great for up to 360 square feet of space.

The Winix 5500 didn’t have an autonomous feature before; the 5500-2 gets better on that feature and comes with the air quality indicator. The brand has also comprised remote control for further improving the user experience.

The purifier will start automatically as soon as the bad air quality is identified or boost the fan speed relying upon the air quality. The pre-filter filters out big-sized particles such as dust, pet dander, and pet hair before transferring the air to the True HEPA filter.

The real smell-fighting is accomplished with the assistance of the carbon filter that functions competently against foul odors, dangerous chemicals, and even VOCs. The carbon content may not be the highest but is a major improvement over any of the more costly predecessors. Even if you overlook leaving the air purifier on throughout the day, the litter box smell would not be a problem with the quick outcomes that the 5500-2 brings. Winix has gone above and beyond in guaranteeing a flawless experience. It’s also obvious by the energy-star certification that it has.

While the pre-filter, the carbon filter, and the True HEPA filter are sufficient for handling most smells, the PlasmaWave technology by Winix will take care of any particles that get away from the mechanical filtration by making them really heavy to stay flying. So, if you are searching for a purifier for litter odor, the Winix 5500-2 can be the purifier to beat because of its efficient operation and smart features.

4. GermGuardian True: (Image credit: Amazon)

4. GermGuardian True:

Air Purifier for Home and Pets, Full Rooms, UV-C Sanitizer, Filters Allergies, Smoke, Dust, Dander, Odor


Air Sanitization made possible because of the UV-C light

Multiple-stage filtration

Five-year warranty


Lack of smart features

The Germ Guardian air purifier comes with UV-C light technology and makes use of the Titanium Dioxide for removing all viruses, germs, mold spores, and bacteria. Also, the air purifier is equipped with HEPA technology which proficiently captures up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens.

Besides, the filter has appended a Pet Pure antimicrobial agent that helps hinder the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria. Further, the charcoal filter by Germ Guardian makes it the top air purifier for getting rid of cat litter smell.

Likewise, it assists in reducing cooking fumes, wildfire smoke, and cigarette smoke. With a CADR rating of 126-dust, 116-smoke, and128-pollen, it’s a must-have device. It is a compact design, twenty-eight inches tall, and serves spaces measuring 180 square feet and below.

5. Pure Enrichment PureZone: (Image credit: Amazon)

5. Pure Enrichment PureZone:

Medium-Large Room Air Purifier, Helps Reduce Bacteria, Smoke, Germs, Pollen, Dust, Odors, Allergens, Mold, & Pet Hair


Four-stage filtration system

Portable and Sleek design

Five-year warranty

Autonomous function and air quality sensor


Limited coverage makes it incompetent for bigger spaces

The Pure Enrichment PureZone comes with a diverse style of filtration as it appends a UV-C light along with the usual combination of the activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, and pre-filter. While it may not be the most powerful or the greatest air purifier for smells out there, it can simply deal with litter box smells in a 150 sq. ft. space.

The PureZone design is efficient, compact, and simple. The pre-filter is easily washable and catches bigger particles that can jam the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter catches the smallest particles before passing the air from the activated carbon filter that deals with the litter box odor.

The activated carbon filter can simply handle mold odor, chemical fumes, VOCs, and most highly spray or litter odor. The reason Pure Enrichment PureZone featured on our top 5 lists is the uncompromised attention to detail.

Litter smell is made even worse when microbes act on it, and the brand included a UV-C light in the pack to ensure that no microbes live. The entire package is easily moveable thanks to the small footprint and compact design.

It’s astonishing to see that Pure Enrichment comprised a sleep mode, filter replacement indicator, a timer, and air quality sensor for such a small device. Also, as the air cleaner is intended for a limited amount of room, such features make it an outstanding selection to be put around your pet litter boxes or in kitchens or bathrooms where pet litter boxes frequently go.


Utilizing an effective air purifier for pet litter smells can considerably improve the indoor air quality by getting rid of the airborne pollutants such as pet dander, cat litter dust, and common allergens while also handling the foul smells.

Sensitive people and allergy sufferers can benefit a lot from them as they also act as the helpful purifier for allergies. If you are searching for the best-rated air purifier, then the list given in this guide has all the top contenders and all the details you require for ridding the house from terrible odors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Air Purifier Remove Cat Urine Odor?

If cleaning up hasn’t fixed the issue and you’ve ruled out medical problems, the air purifier that handles VOCs is a great option for getting rid of pet smells. A few air purifiers are extremely good at destroying or getting rid of VOCs, while a few barely do anything with VOCs.

Where’s The Best Place To Put The Air Purifier?

The majority of individuals choose to place their air purifiers in the bedroom or living room because these are the spaces where there are a lot of pollutants and dust. Another great place to put the air purifier is in the kitchen, particularly if you own pets that shed a lot of hair.

Can You Place An Air Purifier In The Bathroom?

Yes, there are a lot of air purifiers that come with a sleek design and are less than ten inches tall, which will simply fit the bathroom shelves. For your bathroom, you ought to always search for an air purifier that has carbon filters that can deal with smells.

How Long Does It Really Take For The Air Purifier To Clean A Space?

Air purifiers can clean a space in about twenty minutes, but it relies on the room’s size. The bigger the space, the longer it’ll actually take for the air purifier to clean. Usually, the air purifier takes about twenty minutes to clean a small office or bedroom and about thirty minutes to clean a big living area.

How Frequently Do Pet Litter Boxes Have To Be Changed?

Pet litter boxes ought to be changed every 2-3 months. A few cats need much longer than others, so you ought to adjust the schedule accordingly.