A water-based air revitalizer or water-based air purifier is just another element of the amazing air purifier family. The main disparity in such devices, as their name implies, is the fact that they make use of water rather than a conventional filter for cleaning the air.

What Is A Water-Based Air Purifier?

The water-based air purifier, in a lot of ways, is just another air purifier variation. Such devices can filter the air of dust, spores, allergens, and more. However, such machines can also humidify the house and be utilized as aroma diffusers, unlike the standard air purifier.

This guide is aimed to tell you all there is available to know about water-based air purifiers. We’ll tell you how such devices work, their advantages and disadvantages, and compare them to their more conventional counterparts.

Have you ever seen how much cleaner the air outside is after a rainstorm? Not just does the air smell fresher, but you can frequently see further than before the rain actually came. It’s because the rain collected all of the contamination in the air on the descent, ranging from pollen and dust to smoke. A water-based air cleaner actually works utilizing the same basic notion, except for the fact that it’s contained and not raining throughout the house!

Do Air Purifiers Decrease Dust?

Rest assured, they do, and the majority of them do that. However, water-based air revitalizers aren’t the best at decreasing the smallest of particles. The true HEPA air filters are a great option for getting rid of such microscopic particulates.

The water-based systems, however, are still awesome at dust decrease, and they’re extremely reasonable. Water is, and always has been, an extremely effective method of cleaning things. That is why we make use of it for washing our hands!

Water-based air revitalizers make the most of it by running the house’s filthy air through a spinning vortex of water, which traps all of the contaminants before it finally pushes out the clean air into the house’s air. An additional advantage to utilizing the water-based air revitalizer is that they actually double as humidifiers and the oil diffusers. It’s a really pleasant additional value, particularly if you’re in the market for either of such added systems. Read on for a more detailed dissertation on such valuable extras!

What Is A Water-Based Air Purifier

Advantages And Disadvantages:

There are quite some advantages to utilizing water-based air purifiers, and there are numerous disadvantages as well. We’ve compiled a table of such advantages and disadvantages for your ease!

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple maintenance Do not get rid of smells as well as the air purifier with the carbon filter
It can be utilized as an oil diffuser Not as good at filtering the air as a traditional air purifier
Doubles as a light air humidifier Increased levels of humidity can potentially cause fungi and mold problems
Generally very reasonably priced They do not combat fungi and mold
It can offer aromatherapy while cleaning the air It can be spilled if you are not cautious
Runs silently in the background Require cleaning every now and then
Simple to use It can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and viruses
Cheap to replace the filter which is simply replacing the unit’s water Usually have a limited range of helpfulness (Usually small to middle-sized spaces)

A lot of the advantages and disadvantages given comprise a few of the greatest disparities between the standard fabric-based filters and the water-based air purification. For instance, the water-based air revitalizer’s affordability is a huge selling point for such devices.

Not just are the devices themselves much cheaper than the conventional air purifier, but they’re also much cheaper for maintenance over the long run. The conventional air purifiers come with at least one filter, which needs to be replaced once in a while.

A few machines even have numerous filters, which not just can be dreary to change, it can be costly! The water-based air revitalizer, conversely, is simple to make use of and maintain, and it is filter comes right out of the faucet, ready to use!

All that being said, such water-based filtration choices aren’t as effective as their traditional counterparts. If you have a requirement for extremely clean air, rather than only fresh air, then you should go for the conventional air purifier and accept the higher price. In addition to going conventional, we suggest purchasing a device with the HEPA filter or even the True HEPA filter for acquiring the cleanest air possible.

How Does Water Clean The Air?

Water, on the molecular level, is really an extremely sticky substance. A lot of individuals do not know this nuance of detail on one of the most significant things in human existence. Rather than bore you with the particulars on the sticky properties of water, we will continue and let you do some research if you are interested in knowing more about the properties of water.

The stagnant water might collect contaminants from the surroundings, but the moment you begin making waves or stirring it, it abruptly becomes a much more effective filter. That, like the fact that water is sticky, relies on a few scientific reasons, which a lot of individuals take for granted. By adding to the surface area of the water (for instance, making waves), you’re allowing more water to come into touch with the filth in the air, cleaning it.

What Are The Advantages Of Utilizing A Water-Based Air Revitalizer?

As we have said earlier, the water-based revitalizes makes use of the basic concept of the rainstorm and miniaturizes it to help you and the house. It results in an extremely fresh air feeling, which is extremely appealing.

A lot of conventional air purifiers can really dry out the house’s air as dampness can be accumulated in their filters; in the meantime, the water-based purifier does the opposite. Water-based air purifiers can be a very useful asset to anybody’s house, and their cost usually makes them a simple option.

Oftentimes, water-based air revitalizers are much cheaper than traditional air purifiers, which is remarkable! Their coverage area (how big of a space you can place them in) is usually many times bigger than that of a traditional air purifier at a similar cost, so you are getting much more bang (or clean) for your money!

And if the cheaper machine cost does not appeal to you right away, then maybe this next point will. They’re simple to maintain, and they do not need expensive filter replacements like a few of the conventional air purifiers out there. The filter is simply water! Replace it for some cents rather than some dollars!

What Can A Water-Based Air Revitalizer Do?

These devices can really assist just about everybody because they can do a lot of things (clean the air, run quiet, humidify, and work as the oil diffuser). They’re awesome for anybody who wants or needs to have more refreshing air, cleaner air, or even more aromatic air (given you add a scent to the device). That being said, such devices can especially assist certain groups of individuals:

  • Pet Owners:

If you’ve had a pet for any certain time, then you know they can bring about quite the literal stink now and then. Fragrance options and aromatherapy assist in cleaning and purifying. You desire clean and fresh air, which the water-air purifier can assist in alleviating such odors.

Numerous pet owners add water and fragrances to improve the smell. Fragrances are sold separately for such purifiers. Such units ought to definitely assist you in the pursuit of fresh and clean air from smoke and pet dander!

  • Sufferers From Mild Allergies:

The water-based air revitalizers can actually remove allergens from the air, saving you much hassle in seasons when the allergies flare-up. However, if the allergies are extremely severe, or if you are super sensitive to some allergens, then you might be better off purchasing a traditional air purifier that makes use of a HEPA filter.

The odor of the air is really fresh and can clean the air odors that at times linger in the house.

  • Those With Smokers Or Household Odors:

Because the water-based air purifiers serve as a great smell mitigating system, they can absolutely assist anybody who has stubborn household smells or even the smoker in the home. The fact that they can also mask the smells with aromatic oils can also assist. However, if the stubborn air contaminants and smells remain, you might have to invest in the activated carbon filter and have the replacement filter close by.

Can A Water-Based Air Purifier Replace A Humidifier?

The air humidifiers belch out big amounts of water into your home air, which is precisely what they’re built to do. The water-based revitalizer, conversely, pushes out a much smaller amount of water into the house’s atmosphere.

However, if you just require a small humidity increase in the house, then the water-based air purifier can absolutely assist you. Remember that the water-based air revitalizers are built for revitalizing the house’s air, which encompasses both a little humidification and cleaning.

It denotes that they’ll not be as great as the purpose-built devices (such as an air humidifier) as doing their work. However, they’ll still do a great job at what they’re built to do, and that’s making the house’s air feel more pleasing. You’ll just have to fill the water in your purifier container, and the water filters will have to be cleaned more frequently than the other personal air-water purifiers.

How Can You Choose The Best Water-Based Air Purifier?

Selecting the top water-based air cleaner on the budget is a little challenging. You need to search for a few significant features while choosing one.

  • Fan Speeds: Controlling the air purifier is better if there are numerous fan speed choices. Adjust the speed under the requirements and weather.
  • Multifunctional: Choose the multifunctional water-based air revitalizer. A few cleaners come with a function that you can utilize as a diffuser.
  • Water Tank Capacity: It comes with a small water basin regarding the air purifier’s size. That is why it needs cleaning often. So, you need to pick a cleanser with a big water basin if you desire to run this unit for a more extended period.

How To Add Aroma Or Scents To The Water-Based Air Purifier?

If you are wondering about appending a little aroma to the water-air purifier, then you will be pleased to know that it is a simple-to-do thing. First of all, buy a few essential oils according to your preference. Otherwise, choose the one that’ll assist the family members.

Because some essential oils contain healing powers, they assist in healing emotionally, reducing anger and migraines, and killing Lyme bacteria better than any antibiotics. A few air purifiers even contain essential oil vials that you can utilize.

While you are utilizing the water-based air purifiers, append some drops of essential oils to its tank. We will suggest five to eight drops approximately. While water swirls in its basin, the scent will spread little by little. If you like a strong aroma, then try some more drops.

Can A Water-Based Air Revitalizer Replace The Need For The Air Purifier?

The water-based air purifiers do not do as great of a job at cleaning the house’s air as, say, the air purifier featuring the HEPA air filter. That being said, such water-based filtration devices still do a great job at filtering the house’s air.

It is simply difficult to calculate up to a particularly made filter that’s literally the peak of air purifier achievement. Think of that as comparing apples to oranges. Yes, both are delicious fruits, or in this situation, both clean the air. However, there are a lot of disparities that the two diverse devices cannot do everything the other can.

Every unit has its own advantages and disadvantages! The water-based unit, for example, is made for both cleaning the house’s air and appending just a hint of humidity to make it feel more refreshing. The air purifier featuring the HEPA filter is made with the sole purpose of cleaning the house’s air. It will do that very well.

How To Care For The Water-Based Air Revitalizer?

We suggest that you clean the water basin about once every week, relying upon how much you utilize the unit. In addition to that, we suggest doing a detailed cleaning of the machine at least once a month or two as well.

Because the device utilizes water, it can be a major target to fungi, mold, bacteria, and other bothersome and potentially harmful organisms that love damp spaces. Such organisms can quickly overrun the device. They even utilize it as a launching pad for spreading throughout the house if you fail to clean it correctly and frequently enough.

Cleaning the air purifiers is as easy as cleaning a vacuum cleaner. Give the purifier a water bath using a bleach mix and read the manual. But, with good care and following the recommendations of the machine’s manufacturer, you should not need to be anxious about this worst-case scenario.

Great Cleaning Instructions:

Here are a few instructions on doing a detailed cleaning of the water-based air revitalizer. Please note that not each device is the same and that the company’s directions should supersede the suggested process. If you’re just doing one of the weekly water changes, then you can simply carry out step five.

  • Switch Off And Unplug The Device!

It’s a safety matter, so please follow this step! Electricity and water aren’t a good mix, so unplug the device before you begin cleaning it.

  • Take Out The Top:

It might involve releasing the clap, or unscrewing the top, relying upon the device’s design.

  • Remove The Fan:

Almost all revitalizers will come with a fan. All of that dirty air and damp air will be running through them, so they can get dirty over time. It’s significant that you clean such parts to ensure that you get the cleanest air possible out of the device.

  • Wipe Down The Top Of The Device:

You can make use of anything from a wet dish towel to an antibacterial wipe to wash the top of the device. Chances are, such parts ought not to be rinsed using water or submerged. It’s where all of the machine’s electronics are.

  • Clean The Water Basin:

Clean it as you usually would for the weekly water change. Dump it, rinse it out using soapy water, and wipe it down using a (clean) wet rag.

  • Wash The Machine’s Stem:

It’s the part that reaches down into the machine’s basin. We suggest utilizing something like a Q tip for gently and cautiously cleaning inside. Residue can increase over time.

  • Let It Dry, Then Put It Back Together:

We suggest drying the machine out in the sun now and then. The UV radiation from the sun will get rid of any pesky germs that you might have missed! If you cannot dry it out in the sun, then simply letting it air dry ought to be good enough.

Once the machine is dry, you can reassemble it together, refill the basin, and plug it back in. Make sure all the electronic parts (the top and the plug-in) are dry before plugging it back in.


Though the water-based air purifier refreshes the house’s indoor air, there’s no proof that it cleans air efficiently as the HEPA filters. You can choose the water-air purifier if you are concerned about the cost. Yet as we said, there is nothing better like the HEPA filters.

However, this pretty little unit will do better than anything when you also make use of it for a diffuser and humidifier. You will love this amazing water air purifier when it fills the indoors with fragrances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Charcoal Filters?

The charcoal filters are one and the same as the carbon filters; such phrases are utilized interchangeably. Such filters mostly come in 2 diverse types of impregnated and activated carbon. Impregnated does everything the activated carbon actually does, but it also targets volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful.

How To Add Scents To The Water-Based Air Revitalizer?

A lot of companies provide a broad selection of scents that you can pick from. There are a lot of essential oils available that produce a scent you can pick from as well. To add a scent, just put in some drops into the machine’s water basin. Do not go overboard; a bit goes a long way! The purifier now becomes a fragrance device and produces a great aromatherapy experience.

Are The Water-Based Air Revitalizers Great At Cleaning The House’s Air?

The water-based air revitalizers are great at cleansing the air in the house of dust. Other bigger particulates, but they’re not created to take care of a few of the smallest particles. If cleaning the air is the main concern, then a conventional air purifier with the HEPA air filter is a great starting point for you. Keep in mind that you can put your personal air purifier in the car to purify the air and keep the air smelling good and fresh.