If you’ve been utilizing the GermGuardian air purifier for a while, you might encounter situations when you have to reset it, particularly after replacing the filter or at times when the indicator/display lights aren’t functioning properly.

For resetting the GermGuardian air purifier, you’ll either have to hold down the reset button for some seconds till the red light stops flashing, or you’ll have to put the pin into the given reset area on the purifier. The exact technique and the button’s location rely on the particular model you have.

In this guide, we give you step-by-step directions to assist you in resetting the Germguardian air purifier. We also talk about the meanings of diverse colored lights on the display of the filter and discuss the methods you can replace the UV light and the filter. Let’s begin!


When To Reset The GermGuardian Air Filter?

There are only a few cases when you have to reset the GermGuardian air purifier. It’s thus significant that you first comprehend such conditions before getting into the particulars of how you can reset the purifier.

Usually, you’ll have to reset the Germguardian Air Purifier when you’ve replaced the filter, and the HEPA Reset red light keeps blinking. It might also have to be reset in the following cases:

  • The display isn’t working properly.
  • The speed function isn’t functioning.
  • The red light on the purifier is blinking when you switch the purifier on for the first time after buying it.
  • The blue light keeps blinking, or the UV light in the filter isn’t working.

Steps For Resetting The GermGuardian Air Purifier:

Although the particular technique for resetting the GermGuardian air purifier relies on the model that you own, in general, there are two methods of replacing the Germguardian air purifier. In the first, you’ll have to complete the below steps:

  • First of all, switch the air purifier on.
  • Then, observe its display panel; you’ll likely see the red light blinking that says HEPA Reset.
  • After that, find the power button. In a few models, you might also locate the specific HEPA reset button or simply the UV button. (If you cannot locate the button on the purifier, refer to the table we’ve mentioned later in this guide.)
  • Next, press on the reset button for three to eight seconds.
  • Now, stop pressing the button once the blinking light disappears.
  • Then, switch the filter off and on again.
  • That is it! You’ve reset the GermGuardian air purifier!

In a few machines, however, you’ll have to follow the below steps instead:

  • First off, switch the air purifier on.
  • After that, find the reset area. It frequently looks like a small opening somewhere on or close to the unit’s display.
  • Then, get a thin pin or a paper clip and carefully insert it into the orifice. You’ll also locate guides online that suggest utilizing a pen tip instead, but it’s frequently not deep enough to get to where it has to go, so the majority of users suggest utilizing something more slender like the paper clip.
  • Next, press on the pin/paper clip until the light stops blinking.
  • Switch the filter off and on again.

How To Reset The Specific GermGuardian Air Purifier Model?

GermGuardian air purifiers come in a lot of models with a collection of diverse features for suiting the specific requirements. Unluckily, it also denotes that the technique you ought to utilize for resetting the filter varies depending on the particular model you own.

The GermGuardian website recommends the following techniques for its diverse models.

The buttons’ location that you have to hold down is frequently quite obvious for the majority of such models but can be difficult to locate in a few. In such situations, we’ve highlighted where you can locate the reset area on the device. For more information, feel free to check these GermGuardian air purifiers on Amazon.

Model Instructions
AP2200, AC4820, AC5000, AC5900 If you’re utilizing any of such models, hold down the HEPA filter reset button for five secs after re-installing your HEPA filter.
AC4175, AC4900, AC4300, AC5300 In such models, you’ll have to insert a new filter, and then hold down the UV Button for five secs for resetting the machine.
CDAP5500, AC5350 For such particular models, after inserting your new filter, you’ll have to hold the Timer button for five secs.
AC5250PT Insert your new filter, and then insert the pen tip (or as we stated earlier, a paper clip) into your HEPA Reset area. This area is situated on the device’s control panel.
AC9200 In this model, you’ll locate a reset orifice on the unit’s right side. After inserting your new filter, make use of a paperclip for pressing on the area for five secs to reset your filter.
AC9400 After inserting your new filter, press down on the filter control area for eight secs. You’ll hear the beep sound when the reset is done.
AP5800W This model is a little diverse; here, you’ll need to press down the Auto button for three secs once you’ve inserted your new filter.

Indicator Light Colors On The GermGuardian Air Purifiers And Their Meanings:

GermGuardian Air Purifiers are smart units that have indicator lights of diverse colors. As a user, it’s significant that you learn about these to keep the machine working smoothly.

What Does The Red Light On GermGuardian Air Purifier Denote?

The most obvious light on the machine is the red light. It might be blinking and is at times accompanied by the beeping sound, making it extremely difficult to miss (and for a good reason). Whenever you see the red light on the GermGuardian Air Purifier, it means that the combination/HEPA filter is no longer working optimally and requires replacement. For doing that, follow these steps:

  • First of all, switch off the air purifier. If possible, unplug the device as well.
  • Then, observe the rear of the machine cautiously, and you’ll see a lock and release button.
  • Press down this button to remove the rear cover of the unit. It ought to expose the HEPA filter underneath.
  • Check the filter’s color. If your filter is still white, contemplate vacuuming it to remove a little of the dust. It doesn’t have to be replaced just yet, but frequently monitor your filter just in case. If the filter has turned black or gray, it’s great to replace it ASAP. Although you might locate other combinations or HEPA filters that fit the unit, always utilize GermGuardian filters to ensure you’re getting the best protection. A few people wash the combo filters using water, though this technique is surely not better than replacing the whole combination filter altogether, and therefore we don’t suggest it.
  • If you have concluded that you have to replace the filter based on the above step, insert your new filter cautiously, making certain that the arrow on your filter points towards your air purifier.
  • After that, put the cover back on and switch the machine on.
  • Lastly, reset your unit (or else that red light will keep blinking.)

What Does Blinking Blue Light On The GermGuardian Air Purifier Indicate?

On the GermGuardian air filter, there’s an integrated UV-C light that provides extra protection against germs and improves the air quality in the house. Usually, it ought to be glowing continuously when switched on. When you see the blue light blinking, it means that the timer linked with the UV-C light has to be reset.

To resolve this problem, therefore, you just have to reset the filter by either pressing on the reset button for three to eight secs or holding down the reset area using the paperclip as stated earlier in this guide.

How To Change The GermGuardian UV Bulb?

If you’ve been making use of the same UV bulb for a year or even more, it’s a great idea to check whether the bulb is functioning correctly and replace it if required. For doing so:

  • First off, take out the rear cover of the machine utilizing the release and lock button at the rear of the device.
  • After that, detach and take out the combo filter. You’ll now see the UV metal shield.
  • Next, detach the UV metal shield utilizing the screw-driver.
  • Observe the bulb. If it’s turned black, it’s time to change it.
  • Now, hold the bulb gently utilizing a clean cloth and remove it.
  • Then, slide the new UV bulb into position.
  • Reassemble your unit.
  • Lastly, reset the UV light utilizing the same method mentioned earlier (i.e., holding down the UV button for three to eight secs or holding down the reset area using a pin).


The air purifiers do a great job removing airborne contaminants that are present indoors. But sometimes, you may come across some issues as well. In this post, we have mentioned when and how you can easily reset the GermGuardian air purifier. Simply follow the directions carefully to get the job done in no time.