An air purifier is a machine for cleaning the air in a confined space or inside a room. It gets rid of the contaminants and dust from the air to improve the air quality. From home to industry, the air purifier plays a very important role in keeping the air pure.

These days, a lot of air purifiers are accessible in the market. Amongst them, the Dyson air purifier is the most well-liked one. Dyson provides various advanced purifiers that get rid of gasses and trap 99.97 percent of allergens for cleaning the air.

The air filter does the main job of filtering the air. To keep the filter working correctly, you ought to keep it clean. Learn how you can clean the Dyson air purifier filter by reading the different sections given below.

Can You Clean Dyson Air Purifier Filters?

Yes, the Dyson air purifier filters are of the best quality and can be cleaned utilizing a vacuum cleaner or by simply brushing off the debris. You can clean the Dyson air purifier filter and extend its filter life by some more months. It’d be the more cost-effective and prudent alternative as a replacement filter is almost one hundred dollars.

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Here is how you can really clean the Dyson purifier filter.

Cleaning your Dyson air purifier is a DIY work that can take between twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the air purifier type you own.

  • Switch Off Your Air Purifier And Unplug From The Wall Outlet:

Simply disconnect its power and unplug your air purifier from the wall outlet before moving on to the filter replacement.

  • Disassemble Your Air Filter Housing:

For the majority of Dyson models, the air filter housing can simply be accessed utilizing the press-in buttons on each side.

  • Remove The Unclean Air Filter:

Once the housing is easy to get to, the tower filter can easily be lifted up and taken to the bin for either disposing of or cleaning. For the 360-degree models, you can access the filters by simply sliding the side buttons down. You’ll have to press additional buttons on each filter housing to separate the filter from the housing.

  • Vacuum The Grime/Dirt:

The debris and dirt collected on the air filters can simply be sucked in utilizing the vacuum cleaner or can be removed utilizing any brush. The replacement filters we suggest ship with brushes comprised in the box.

  • Wash Your Filters (Optional):

If your filters are full of filth and vacuuming does not resolve the issue, you can gently clean your filter by dipping it in some water. Before fitting the filter inside, make sure that it’s totally dry.

  • Reassemble The Filters:

Once the dirt and grime have been cleaned, the filters can be easily snapped back in position. When in position, the filters ought to be placed back in the particular housing just as they were taken out. Don’t utilize excessive force, as it can cause a rattle if the filter’s resting points are broken.

Regular Caring Instructions For The Air Purifier Filter:

From the discussion above, you ought to know how to clean the Dyson air purifier filter? For using the air purifier, you do not have to check it daily but once a month is sufficient. Usually, you do not have to do anything. A few Dyson air purifiers work for a year without requiring maintenance.

However, check the maintenance instructions given for taking care of your device.

  • Place the device where there’s good airflow.
  • Clean the filters frequently.
  • Always check the air purifier’s indicator.
  • Keep the surroundings of our device clean.
  • Clean the surface utilizing any damp cloth.
  • Switch off your air purifier before unplugging it.
  • Do not put them in your washing machine.
  • Do not make use of any detergent or other solvents directly for cleaning the filter.
  • Do not make use of any detergent or other solvents directly for cleaning the filter.
  • Permanent filters ought to be cleaned once in 3 months.
  • Do not make use of a vacuum cleaner for carbon and HEPA filters.
  • Do not make use of a vacuum cleaner for carbon and HEPA filters.

How Long Do Dyson Air Purifier Filters Actually Last?

It’s perfect for replacing the Dyson air purifier filters every twelve months. However, it all relies on usage. If you utilize the device regularly and it’s extremely filthy, it might have to be replaced more often. On average, though, the majority of filters last around a year before having to be replaced. It’s significant to replace your filter frequently because the filthier they get, the less helpful they become.

So, replacing your filter will assist in ensuring that the air purifier is functioning properly. If you do not replace the Dyson air purifier filter, it can cause your machine to release more contaminants into the air. It can be unsafe for the health because the filter is created to decrease airborne particles in the house.

Should I Replace Or Clean The Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

While cleaning can somewhat improve the air filter’s lifespan, it’s a complex procedure and can compromise the purifier’s effectiveness if there’s a leak or cut in the filter surface while cleaning. Relying on the air purifier type you own, you can easily locate low-cost replacement filters for the circular tower type and the 360-degree filter types.

How To Know When The Dyson Air Filter Requires Cleaning?

There are some ways actually to tell when the Dyson air purifier filters require cleaning. First, the machine will run slower when it requires cleaning. It denotes that the filter is clogged and requires to be cleaned before it discharges more particles into the air.

Another indication that the filter requires cleaning is if you see the dust floating in the room. The filter might require cleaning if you don’t see any other indications of that, though. Also, it’s significant to clean your filter if you have a foul odor coming from your air purifier. The odor is an indication that your filter requires cleaning. It might be time to replace your filter if it’s blackened with dust, mold, and dirt.


No matter what type of air purifier you make use of, proper maintenance is important to achieve the best results. Regular maintenance may assist in extending the lifespan of any equipment. A few devices might run for a year without requiring service, while others have to be serviced frequently.

In this situation, the Dyson air purifier is the perfect alternative because frequent filter cleaning might extend the lifespan of the filters to more than one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filters For The Dyson Air Purifier Washable?

Yes, the filters of the Dyson air purifier can be washed gently. But it’s suggested to get rid of the grime and dust by using your vacuum cleaner instead of washing it.

How Much Is Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

Dyson air purifier filter costs can range between 79 dollars and 150 dollars, realign on the type and model of the purifier.

How Long Does A Dyson Air Purifier Filter Actually Last?

Six to eight months. While Dyson advertises that the filters of their air purifier can last up to one year, in our opinion, the filter replacement gauge light comes on after six to eight months of usage.

How Frequently Do You Replace The Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

If you frequently maintain the Dyson air purifier filter, it ought to last between ten to fourteen months. Dyson suggests replacing the filter every twelve months.