Air purifiers can cleanse unhealthy indoor atmospheres, which according to the EPA, are 2-5 times more contaminated than the outdoors. Hathaspace air purifiers can actually treat the air making it healthier to respire indoors.

A beeping Hathaspace air purifier is a sign that there is an issue, and you might be breathing unhealthy and untreated air if it’s not resolved soon. A beeping Hathaspace air purifier requires resetting or filter replacement; for resetting the device, press and hold the Timer and Auto buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

Filters ought to be replaced every three thousand hours. In this guide, we’ll talk about why the Hathaspace air purifier may be beeping, methods to stop it from beeping, the life expectancy of the Hathaspace filters, and the diverse types of Hathaspace air purifiers available. We will also offer a step-by-step guide for cleaning the Hathaspace air purifiers.

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Why Do Hathaspace Air Purifiers Beep?

For the Hathaspace HSP001 device, there’ll be no beeping sound. You may hear beeping in the Hathaspace Smart True Air Purifier 2.0 because of the following causes.

Filter Requires Replacing:

The beeping that you hear from the Hathaspace air purifier is the reminder that the filter requires replacing. It happens every three thousand hours of use. It’s the general recommendation and can differ depending on the household air quality.

Filter Replacement Device Requires Resetting:

Improperly resetting your device after replacing your filter can also cause the Hathaspace air purifier to beep. Resetting the machine is necessary; otherwise, it’ll not precisely remind you when to replace your filter again and may keep beeping even after you replaced your filter.

How To Stop The HATHASPACE Air Purifier From Beeping?

You can stop your Hathaspace purifier from beeping by:

Change Your Filter:

You will need to change your filter after every three thousand hours (about every six months) of operation or when you hear that beeping sound. For filter replacement, you can follow the given steps:

  • Unplug your air purifier.
  • After that, open the front plate by simply pulling it towards you from the base. A soft pull will allow it to come out as it utilizes magnets. As you take out the front plate, you will be capable of seeing the filters.
  • You will need to take out the pre-filter first. Grab the middle holders and pull them out gently.
  • For removing composite filters (the filters that require replacing), notice little white tabs on top, hold them, and calmly pull them towards yourself.
  • All of the compound filters come in one device. To replace this machine, get a new one and take out its packaging film before installing.
  • Install your new filters. Put the composite filter inside your purifier with white tabs facing you. As soon as the 1st filter is set in your machine, install the washable pre-filter by fitting the plastic pegs properly in the corresponding slots.
  • Place the front plate back by gently connecting the bottom side first and then gradually allowing the magnets to connect from the top. Such magnets will secure its front plate well.
  • Once the front plate is firmly connected, the air purifier is ready to be utilized.

Recharge The Activated Carbon Filters In Direct Sunlight:

You can recharge the filter of your Hathaspace air purifier in direct sunlight to see if it assists in fixing the beeping problem. Recharging here refers to exposing your activated carbon filters to direct sunlight. The increased temperature and UV rays will remove a few pollutants like bacteria, odors, and gasses from the activated carbon filter through a procedure known as sunlight-driven desorption.

Not all pollutants can be eliminated this way, so you will still have to replace your filter after about six months, but it can extend the Hathaspace filters’ lifespan. Hathaspace suggests putting the filters in direct sunlight every two months. Here’re the steps for recharging Hathaspace filters:

  • First off, take out the filter from your air purifier.
  • After that, put it in the dry place (activated carbon side up) with some direct sunlight for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  • After a little time, wipe the composite filter using a soft dry cloth.
  • Then, wash the pre-filter and carefully dry it utilizing a clean cloth.
  • Now, mount this filter into your air purifier and check if it resolves the problem. If there is continuous beeping, it denotes that the filter has expired and requires replacement right away.

Resetting Your Filter Replacement Unit:

Resetting the filter replacement device can resolve the beeping issue of the Hathaspace air purifier. Here is how to do so:

  • You will see the Auto and Timer button blinking when the filter replacement timer requires resetting.
  • Check if the Auto and Timer buttons are blue; if not, then press each one to turn them blue.
  • After that, press and hold the Auto and Timer buttons at the same time and wait for three seconds until the beeping stops.
  • The filter replacement unit is now reset for another three thousand hours.
  • Once you’ve reset your filter replacement unit, it’ll stop beeping.

Types Of HATHASPACE Air Purifiers:

Here’re all the diverse types of Hathaspace air purifiers.

HATHASPACE Air Purifier 1.0:

HATHASPACE air purifier 1.0 comes with a four-stage HEPA filtration system for getting rid of 99.97 percent of particles as little as 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Such particles comprise allergens, dust, pet dander, smoke, and other toxic VOCs. This remote-controlled air purifier has an integrated anion ionizer that gets rid of all smells. It offers ideal coverage over a space of about seven hundred square feet. The HSP001 device has a two-year warranty.

HATHASPACE Smart True Air Purifier 2.0:

HATHASPACE Smart True Air Purifier 2.0 has a five-in-one filtration system that cleans the air, getting rid of more than ninety-nine percent of contaminants and allergens, including mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen.

It can replace the air in the fifteen hundred square feet space with fresh purified air. The H-13 HEPA filters can get rid of 99.97 percent of 0.3 micron-sized particles and 99.99 percent of 0.1 to 0.3 micron-sized particles. The activated carbon filter can get rid of dangerous gasses, odors, and smoke.

The cold catalyst filter eliminates VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and dangerous chemicals found in different household products. The washable pre-filter serves as the shield for its HEPA filter, keeping pet hair away and improving the performance of your air purifier.

The filter replacement prompt is one of the handiest features of this air purifier that makes sure that you never need to breathe in unpurified air. It has a five-year warranty. The real-time air quality index display is another outstanding feature.

HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier 3.0:

HATHASPACE smart true HEPA air purifier 3.0 is perfect for extra-large rooms. With the potential to get rid of 99.99 percent of different air contaminants, comprising pollen, dust, and mold, it offers twenty-eight hundred square feet of coverage each hour.

It has two composite filters and two washable pre-filters, each having an Activated Carbon and a HEPA13 filter. This dual-filtration air purifier is actually energy-efficient and has wheels for simple mobility. The automatically adjustable fan speed saves cash as it’s based on real-time air quality requirements. This incredible air purifier will be accessible soon.


The air purifiers are excellent at getting rid of the different airborne contaminants. But after some time, they do need a little bit of maintenance. In this guide, you will get your different questions about your HATHASPACE air purifier answered and find out how you can fix the beeping sound that comes out of it. So follow the given instructions carefully to get the problem resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean A HATHASPACE Air Purifier?

These air purifiers need little to no maintenance, so there is no requirement of deep cleaning your device. Here is a simple guide on cleaning Hathaspace air purifiers for best performance:

  • First of all, unplug its power cord.
  • After that, make use of a dry cloth to clean the air purifiers’ surface.
  • Then, open the magnetic front of your machine.
  • Now, take out the washable pre-filter; it simply pops open. You ought to try to wash it every three to four weeks. Simply run it under the tap. You can also utilize a soft brush to clean it. It’ll eliminate the large pieces of pet hair and dust trapped in your pre-filter.
  • Do not make use of alcohol or organic solvents for cleaning your machine.
  • The robust inner filters cannot be cleaned utilizing water. You can utilize a keyboard duster to remove any bigger debris gently. Once your air purifier filters are free of dust and big particles, they’re ready to be reinstalled and utilized again.

How Long Does A HATHASPACE Filter Actually Last?

HATHASPACE air filters last four to six months on average. The lifespan of filters relies upon the air quality, the amount of usage, and the number of particles collected.

Where’s The Filter Reset Button On A HATHASPACE Air Purifier?

HATHASPACE Air Purifier Model Location Of The Reset Button
HATHASPACE air purifier 1.0 N/A
HATHASPACE Smart True Air Purifier 2.0 The timer button is located right next to the speed button, on the left side of the auto button.Auto button is beside the timer button, on the left side of the sleep button.