Yes, the air purifiers can actually filter out different smoke particles, airborne particles, and even weed odor molecules. Weed smoke smells are because of smoke and a combination of particles. The air purifier that comes with both a carbon filter and a HEPA filter will work great for assisting against the weed odor.

The air purifiers are exceptional at getting rid of almost any sort of odor comprising Pet, General, Smoke, Mold Odor, Weed, Cooking, Basement Odor, and Diapers. You can read more in this detailed guide on Does an air purifier help with weed smell?

Is Weed Smoke Harmful?

Yes, the weed smoke is high in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and particulates. Weed smoke has higher water content than that of cigarette smoke and, if left untreated, can harm the surroundings and permeate through everything.

It can also leave a permanent smell in the house, and according to the American Lung Association, it can even damage lung function in the long run. Medical marijuana and cannabis are becoming more and more popular recently as over two dozen U.S. states have actually legalized their usage. Cigarette smoke is actually filtered as it makes its way into your lungs, but the smoke from weed isn’t filtered and has more pollutants.

The particles can be extremely small, can even be microscopic, and combined with things such as pet dander and other dangerous particles, can affect the indoor air quality badly. According to the EPA (Environment Protection Authority), smells can cause nausea, persistent headaches, and even vomiting.


Does An Air Purifier Help With Weed Smell?

The American Lung Association also claims that weed smoke has the same carcinogenic substances as tobacco, but as a person holds it in more than tobacco, the tar amount making its way into your lungs is considerably increased. Even weed smoke’s passive smoking can cause wheezing breathing, excessive phlegm production, chronic cough, and even acute bronchitis, as obvious from research.

Weed Odor Filtration Procedure:

A great way of coping with bad odors and heavy smoke is the carbon filter. However, weed smell isn’t just an ordinary odor; fine particles and smell molecules need a combo of diverse types of filters. The basic configuration for all the air purifiers for weed odor is the same.

They all have a pre-filter that catches the big particles before they make their way towards the more significant filters. The air is passed through the high-quality H13 or even higher HEPA filter that catches even the minuscule airborne contaminant particles with a precision of 99.97 percent, according to the Environment Protection Authority.

But even that’s not adequate to deal with the smoking smells. The filtered air has to be treated to make certain the indoor space is free from damaging chemicals and the odor of weed. A carbon filter can serve this purpose and filter off all wildfire smoke smells, common smells, pet smells, cooking smells, and cannabis smells.

Relying on the type of smell, the carbon filter on the air cleaner can frequently be swapped out for the activated carbon filter. It results in a higher clean air delivery rate but isn’t possible for purifiers that make use of proprietary filters only.

This 3-stage filtration procedure is essential to make certain that smoking smells and damaging chemicals don’t find their way into the indoor air. The HEPA filter can trap debris and large particles over time and can become the breeding ground for smell-causing bacteria, particularly in humid places.

For all these places, a four-stage filtration procedure is suggested. Compared to the three-stage filtration system, the four-stage filtration appends the UV lamp over the collection side of the HEPA filter to ensure that the microbial DNA is distorted and can’t produce damaging chemicals and smells.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Air Purifier For Weed Smoke Odor:

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) tells you the amount of air that the air purifier can actually clean each minute within a certain area in cubic feet. It is an aspect that you can utilize when comparing diverse air purifiers together to see which ones provide a better CADR rating for improving the cleanliness of the air in the house.

The air purifiers that have a CADR rating below one hundred are frequently the cheap choices and are best to contemplate for those on a tighter budget. However, we suggest locating air purifiers for removing weed odor to have a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate of 150-200+.

  • Filters:

An air purifier with an activated carbon filter is one of the great methods of getting rid of the odor of marijuana from the house. That’s because activated carbon filters are incredible for trapping the contaminant particles that cause smells, which comprises weed smoke.

The air purifiers that have both true HEPA and activated carbon filters are the most useful machines for coping with weed smoke. The true HEPA filters can remove 99.97 percent of contaminant particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Consequently, the combo of the true HEPA and activated carbon filter, the air purifier can get rid of the smell and leftover contaminant particles that are caused by airborne weed smoke. We have also comprised reviews that comprise air purifiers with added filters, like the ones that are particularly made for trapping more smells. Such air purifiers’ types could be worth contemplating if weed smoke is regular in the house.

  • Air Changes Per Hour (ACH):

Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is another significant aspect to consider. The ACH rating offers you details based on the number of times that the air purifier can filter the air within a space. An air purifier that is capable of cleaning the air in a space 3x or more would be great. If you are on a tight budget, the low-cost air purifiers might have lower ACH ratings which denote you ought to manage your expectations.

  • Room Coverage:

It is important to know the room size in which you are planning to utilize the air purifier in. It assists you in choosing the air purifier that’s been built to properly fit the room that you want to install it in.

The air purifiers that are intended for smaller spaces can still clean the air in spaces that are bigger than they are meant for. Although, there’ll still be many contaminant particles in the air. Therefore, utilizing the air purifier that can appropriately clean the air in the room that you have will be much more helpful in getting rid of cannabis smoke particles.

  • Air Purifier Size:

Deciding on the air purifier’s size will rely on the ways that you desire to utilize it and the space that you have accessible. If you desire a device that can be used for cleaning the air in diverse rooms throughout the house, you might desire to contemplate utilizing a portable option.

Such air purifiers are smaller in size and can be simply moved from one room to the other. For those who have limited space, you might also desire to contemplate more compact air purifiers. That’s because you can position them and save some room.

Conversely, when it comes to bigger spaces, a larger air purifier will have the capacity to fill the space appropriately. Therefore, if you are interested in utilizing the air purifier in a larger space and you have the extra space, utilizing a bigger device would not be as much of a problem.

Air Purifiers For Weed Odor:

There are many quality air purifiers available in the market, providing something innovative and unique. A few have a sleek design, whereas the others boast an energy star rating. If you’re one of such heavy smokers that desire to smoke even throughout the night, then the air purifier with sleep mode and auto mode will really go a long way in guaranteeing clean air delivery. Whether you desire to get an air purifier for your own weed smoke odor or for handling secondhand smoke around you, the following are the top air purifiers for weed odor:

Austin Air HealthMate:

It is great for the whole home. If you’re searching for something that comes with the power to deal with all gaseous contaminants with active carbon filtration, then Austin Air HealthMate is the best bet. It takes care of all the air pollution efficiently and can deal with strong odors and cannabis smoke simply.

The HealthMate comes with a 360-degree air intake grill and one of the highest CADR. The air purifier can deal with up to 1500 square feet of space and boasts ample fan power to guarantee clean and smooth airflow.

Blueair Blue Pure 311:

This machine is great for medium-sized spaces. The Blueair blue series is best against smells, and the 311 has low noise levels even at max fan speed settings. It’ll cover up to 388 square feet of space and comes with automatic adjustments that switch between different speeds relying on air quality. The tower design guarantees total cleaning, and you can forget that there was any marijuana odor in as little as twelve minutes.

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier:

This one is great for small-sized spaces. It comes with accidental touch protection, numerous fan settings, and three-stage filtration. It is the number one selling air purifier manufacturer in the United States, and the LV-H132 has everything you’d expect in a great quality air purifier. With the air outlet grill on the top and three-stage filtration for handling the airborne particles and chemicals, it’ll keep smells away from spaces measuring up to 130 square feet.


All such air purifiers come with the essentials for effective and efficient weed smoke treatment and other horrible smells. Such purifiers will take care of the odor of smoke in a flawless fashion and assist in decreasing different allergic reactions.

Furthermore, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that dealing with smoke can really alleviate asthma symptoms. Medical marijuana can assist with ailments, but the smoke can be a problem both for the smoker and others around them, so be certain to make use of a great quality air purifier to ensure good air quality and a more fulfilling and healthy life.