Picking the correct product from the best air purifiers in the world can be really confusing. More often than normal, individuals seem confused about whether they ought to opt for the smart features of the C545 or the medical-grade filters and durability of the C555.

For this Winix c545 vs. c555 comparison, we’re gonna take you through the different features they have to provide, and we’ll then provide you with the conclusion on which of the two we think you ought to purchase. We’ve tailored this comparison to suit the requirements of anybody trying to make a knowledgeable decision utilizing simply digestible information.

Quick Overview:

The majority of us do not like to go through lengthy posts; that is why here’s an overview of this post; after a thorough search, we’ve discovered that Winix C545 is a key upgrade from C535 and still a good choice over C555 for the cost. It offers all the modern features that you anticipate from the best air purifier but at a reasonable cost.

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Features & Specifications Comparison of Winix c545 vs. c555

Specifications Winix C555 Winix C545
Filter change sensor Yes Yes
Noise 28dB 27dB
Power input 65W 65W
Coverage 360 square feet 360 square feet
Winix Smart app No YES
Wi-Fi compatible No YES
Remote Control YES YES
Air quality sensor YES YES
PlasmaWave button YES YES
Haptic control panel YES YES
Voltage 120V/60hz 120V/60hz
Fan speeds 4 4
Alexa compatible No YES
Stages of filtration 5 4
Dimensions 15.1” x 8.7” x 23.5” 23.3” x 15.4” x 11”
Weight 15.97lbs 15.97lbs
HEPA Anti-Microbial Coating True HEPA True HEPA


Smoke 233 232
Pollen 230 246
Dust 240 243

Winix Air Purifier C545 Vs C555 Review: ( The Similarities & Differences )

Size & Design:

Some recent Winix air purifier gens are actually design-oriented. The quality of the build of the Winix purifiers has become durable, stronger, and even more robust than ever. The main air purifier casing is made from hard-wearing plastic, while the metallic components are utilized where necessary.

It makes sure that the air purifier remains safe from environmental hazards such as corrosion and mold. The Winix C545 comes with an enriched color tone for blending in with the majority of wall colors of your room.

However, the C545 is a much more stylish device with a stunning pure white color in all components than the C535. It denotes that you can make your own contrast with the combo of a white air purifier and the color of your room.

Also, the white control panel does not trap dust as quickly as the black one. As a consequence, you do not need to service your air purifier as frequently. In the case of the C555, the color and design are a mixture of both the predecessor models.

At first glance, it’s difficult to notice a disparity between Winix c535 vs. c555. It’s because both such units have a pure white body with a black contrast control panel. However, the design of the control panel of the C555 looks like the C545 with some improvements.

Overall, the design of both Winix C555 and C545 is elegant and classy. It provides a minimalistic approach to aesthetics while keeping true elegance and beauty. At first sight, you would not be capable of identifying whether it is a budget air purifier or a high-end luxury device. In brief, both such devices can astonish your friends and anybody who visits your house.

Stages Of Filtration:

The air purifier’s efficiency relies on the number of air filters utilized in the machine. These days, the majority of air purifiers make use of either one or two diverse stages of air purification. A few of the high-end machines even go to a three or 4-stage purification, and C545 is one of such machines.

In contrast, the C555 air purifier takes the filtration process to a whole new level. It provides medicated five stages of filtration with active anti-bacterial treatment. It’s only accessible in the C555, and no other air purifier.

  • Pre-Filter:

The first filtration level has a basic mechanical filter. It has more than two thousand micro holes for filtering out any solid contaminants from the air, such as pet dander, soil, and dust. It’s a permanent filter that denotes you can rinse it each month instead of purchasing a new one.

  • HEPA Filter:

The 2nd stage of air purifier filtration is the most effective one. No contemporary air purifier can be competent without having at least one HEPA filter type in it. It catches particles as little as 0.3 microns without getting blocked for numerous months. However, it’s a disposable filter, and you have to replace it as soon as the pointer tells you.

  • Active-Carbon Filter:

The 3rd filtration stage of the air purifier comes after the true HEPA filter. The air is free from solid particles, but it still has VOCs, fumes, smoke, and odor. Therefore, this filter acts as a magnet for attracting any compound with carbon from the air.

  • PlasmaWave:

In the majority of air purifiers, the filtration ends at the active-carbon filter, and the air is pushed back into your room. But what about bacteria, germs, and viruses? Therefore, Winix actually takes a step further than the majority of other air purifiers in the category. They make use of an ultraviolet bulb to break the DNA of all the dangerous microorganisms found in the air and crumble them.


The diverse filtration stages are pretty similar for both Winix C555 and C545 air purifiers. However, the key disparity lies in:

  • Antibacterial HEPA:

Winix C555 comprises an enhanced true-HEPA filter. The disposable HEPA comes with a special anti-bacterial layer that traps any bacteria from the air without creating ozone. On the contrary, the C545 just has the traditional HEPA filter.

  • Washable Carbon Filter:

C555 provides an active-carbon filter that is washable with AOC (active odor cancelation). It’s actually a lasting filter rather than the disposable carbon filter of C545 and lasts for numerous years more than the rest.


The control panel of all the C-family air purifiers, like C555, C545, and C535, are all the same, apart from some small changes. The top part of the device is designated for its control panel. All the button functions are the same as any other available Winix product, but the button combo is diverse.

The First button on the panel is the auto-mode button. When pressed, the device switches from the normal to auto mode, superseding all the user settings. The filtration rate and fan speed are adjusted according to the air quality as the sensor detects.

The next one is the air quality pointer display. It rates the current air quality of the space and offers helpful feedback as to whether you ought to slow your device or switch on the turbo. The fan speed button is situated next to the air indicator.

You can pick from the 3-speed settings and the bonus turbo setting. The amount of power taken by the air purifier relies on the fan speed. The lower fan speeds reduce the filtration rate but boost the power efficiency and vice versa.

The button for sleep mode is next on the control panel. It turns the fan speed to medium or low to decrease noise. Also, the device’s lighting is also dimmed, and the air quality sensor is enabled. The check filter light offers details on when it’s time to replace the active-carbon and HEPA filter with the new one.

You have to reset the filter settings each time; the reset button is situated beside the check light. The last three buttons are the most helpful in the control panel. The first one is the power button for switching the device on/off. The next one is the PlasmaWave one for making the machine ozone-free and switching off the ultraviolet filter. Lastly, the Wi-Fi switch is the last on the panel.


  • The buttons are better labeled on the Winix C555 than Winix C545.
  • The C555 power button can be found on the left, while Winix C545 has the power button on the right.
  • Winix C545 comprises a Wi-Fi connection indication display and a Wi-Fi connection switch, while the C555 has none.
  • Winix C555 features a black digital control panel, while C545 has a pure white control panel.


In terms of fan power, the Winix C545 can handle large to medium-sized spaces very easily. The average CADR of C555 is 234.33CFM, while C545 has a 240.33CFM CADR. Both such values are more than adequate for spreading the air throughout the space.

Furthermore, you’ll also experience a little chilled breeze when sitting close to either of the devices. Similarly, the ACH rating of both such devices is 4x. It denotes that the device runs four times an hour to circulate fresh air in space. The fans will begin every fifteen minutes to ensure that fresh air quality is maintained all the time.

Additional Features:

Winix C545 isn’t just well-known for its high performance but also for the contemporary features it offers. Similarly, the Winix C555 is well-known for its anti-bacterial filtration and most up-to-date features. The review would not be complete without mentioning such well-known features that made this device a hit.

The Common Features:

  • Auto Mode:

The air purifier’s auto mode works in the same manner as the C535. It depends on the air quality sensor. If the sensor notices a higher pollution level in the area, the fan speed is increased to turbo or high.

The purifier stays in this setting till the air quality sensor notices a safe environment. Similarly, when the sensor notices a lower contamination level, the device will decrease the fan speed to save power consumption.

  • Sleep Mode:

When you turn the sleep mode on, the machine switches to silent settings; it makes a sound as low as twenty-eight decibels. For your information, the least human hearing range is twenty decibels.

It denotes that the noise made throughout the night mode is equal to the untraceable whisper. Such a low noise is attained by dimming the lighting, turning the fan’s speed to medium or low, and lowering the power of the suction motor.

Unique Features:

  • Better Filters:

C555 concentrates more on the efficiency of filtration rather than smart features. It has a permanent active-carbon filter that’s reusable and washable, unlike the Winix C545 active odor cancelation that you have to change every few months and does not clear the smell from the air as efficiently.

Similarly, the Winix C555’s HEPA filter is much enhanced than the rest. In fact, the anti-bacterial true-HEPA is a special HEPA that’s difficult to locate in any other air purifier. Even a few doctors suggest the C555 air purifier to their patients because of the effective air processing powers.

  • Wi-Fi Capability:

The majority of modern homes are shifting towards the smart house. Basically, all the home devices are linked to a single network. You can control all your appliances from a single device, let’s say, the smartphone. The Winix C545 also has Wi-Fi compatibility for completing the smart house project. However, the C555 purifier does not have a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Smartphone Application:

So what can you really do using the Wi-Fi? The C545’s Wi-Fi feature collaborates with the Winix smartphone application for IOS and Android. You can control just about all the air purifier features through this app.

Furthermore, the application also displays different information such as the room’s air quality, temperature, and the filter change indicator. You can also switch the machine on/off, set the timer feature, and even change the air purifier’s current model.

You can also control your air purifier using Google home and Alexa devices. Winix Smart application needs a Wi-Fi connection between your machine and your smartphone as Winix C555 lacks the Wi-Fi feature, so the phone application is not compatible with it.

Filter Replacement:

The amazing thing about Winix air purifiers is that the replacement of filters lasts more than any other machine. Furthermore, the replacement is more inexpensive than the majority of competitors. You can replace the filter by opening the front case and taking out the HEPA filter.

The filter replacement pointer will begin blinking red as soon as it’s time to replace the filters. Also, the light would not stop blinking even after changing the filter because you have to reset the machine each time.

Filter Replacement Of The Winix C545:

  • The activated carbon filter ought to be changed every three months for best performance.
  • The true HEPA filter replacement lasts for twelve months.

Filter Replacement Of The Winix C555:

  • The activated carbon filter is reusable and washable. It frequently lasts for two to three years before needing a replacement.
  • The anti-bacterial true HEPA filter replacement lasts for twelve months.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of C545 And C555:

Advantages Disadvantages
Smart sensors Carbon filter does not last longer
Alexa Compatible -
Winix Smart Application -
Wi-Fi compatible -
Advantages Disadvantages
Smart sensors Carbon filter does not last longer
Alexa Compatible -
Winix Smart Application -
Wi-Fi compatible -


Winix C545 is a huge upgrade from Winix C535 and still a better choice than Winix C555 for the cost. It offers all the contemporary features that you anticipate from the best air purifier but at a reasonable cost. However, a few individuals choose performance over features.

In that situation, the Winix C555 is the most effective air purifier against bacteria and all other contaminants. The top machine for you relies on your needs; hopefully, this guide has clarified all the questions in your mind about C545 vs. C555 air purifiers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Filter Last On C545?

  • PlasmaWave technology lasts as long as the machine and the Winix workshop can fix any damage.
  • The activated carbon filter ought to be changed every three months for best performance.
  • The HEPA filter replacement lasts for twelve months.
  • The pre-filter lasts for two to five years, relying on maintenance and usage.

How Can I Configure The Winix Smart Application With My Winix C545?

  • Begin by downloading the Winix Smart application from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the application and select a new unit; choose C545 for continuing.
  • Hit OK > enter the password to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router.
  • After that, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your air purifier till you hear the beep sound.
  • Next, choose next on your phone for connecting the device.
  • Then, select the location and name of your air purifier in the network, and your machine is configured.

How To Wash The Winix C555 Filters?

Winix C555 has two washable filters, i.e., AOC carbon filter and pre-filter.

  • First of all, open the front panel and take out both the panels from your machine gently.
  • Then, rinse the carbon filter using room temperature water. Make use of a brush for gently scrubbing the debris off your filter.
  • Once cleaned, let it dry for twenty-four hours or longer.
  • You can clean your Winix C555 pre-filter utilizing a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner. Avoid rinsing and washing your pre-filter as it can form sticky mud on your filter.

Can The Winix C545 Be Controlled Through Google And Alexa?

C545 is totally compatible with Google and Alexa Home devices. However, people have reported that they cannot control it using Siri and Google Assistant.

Which Model To Purchase: Winix C545 vs. C555?

Both C555 and C545 are the best devices in their own category. If you desire the top air purifier for a smart home, you ought to pick the C545 four-stage air purifier. Similarly, if you desire an air purifier with improved features and a competent filtration system, the Winix C555 is the correct product for you.